The Repetitive Dreaming of Inside/Out.

Repetitive dreaming, for the last fifteen years.

by Darla Villani
Photo by Filippo Bamberghi

To this day most of the dreams I have pertain to the acquisition and misplacing of multiple houses, apartments and rooms.

The common grammar of the architecture is that to some degree the structures are partially exposed to the open air. Interior and exterior become the same space.

A bedroom might have a whole wall missing. An apartment may be sunken into the lower level of a parking garage; the top floor of a house may be entirely roofless.

The fronts of buildings are faceless, the rooms and staircases exposed to the sky and sides of trees.


It’s fascinating to see these spaces realized by another mind.

Have a look at American architect Michael Herrman as he experiments with Corbusian perceptions of interior and exterior space at his home in Paris.



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