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Things are in full swing here on the lovely campus at Butler University’s Jordan College of the Arts.

I’m finding my way into a rhythm of teaching along side these incredibly bright students coming from Theater, Dance and Music concentrations. Many have double majors including Anthropology, Psychology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Literature, and Music Performance and Composition.


Interdisciplinary / Multidisciplinary / Devised Performance

We’re toggling between building ideas from conceptual means into physical form, and conversely from the physical to conceptual utilizing writing prompts, set material, sound, visualization, shared structures and themed criteria – working individually and as an automatic ensemble. We are rendering ideas in the spirit of creative research, our fidelity to tracking the genesis and pathways of these constructions, reframing the terms with how we show and observe what we make.

In another arena, I’m working with non-majors in a body based / performance studio course. This is exciting to me – it’s how I began as a painter with making performance work. Again, such wonderful students. I’m grateful, I’m learning from all of them.

And there’s the production, more on that process later…I look forward to showing you behind the scenes very soon.

Sending goodness ~ Darla


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