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A Free Resource To Flex Your Creativity

Art Lab /
a space for ideas.


I’ve built a free resource where you can flex your creativity, experiment and shine up a little fresh wonder. I wanted to make myself accessible and supportive in the way that I know how — in the space of ideas.

As your host and collaborator, I will draw from my book WILDLIFE ( a revolution inside a house ) as a thematic vehicle for what we make. I will be suggesting a series of creative prompts, instructions and cues for us to respond to, to experiment with.

We are / you are dynamic, positive and curious. This space is open to everyone with an emphasis on experimentation, joy, and imagination, not for criticism of any kind. This is a free resource for you.

Come make with us.




Seasoned Artist. Idea Jockey. Author, NYC.
I offer workshops and classes to curious minds of any expression and level of experience.
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