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Phantom Limb Company, New York City-based, is known for its work with puppetry and focus on collaborative, multi-media theatrical production and design. 

FALLING OUT is the final installment in Phantom Limb Company’s multi-disciplinary environmental trilogy at The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

This piece examines the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown that ravaged the region of Fukushima, Japan in 2011, marking the most fatal natural disaster in history. 

Blending puppetry with the distinct Japanese art of Butoh, Phantom Limb Company collaborates with Dai Matsuoka of Sankai Juku to investigate the shared language of Butoh and puppetry to express loss and life afterwards. 



We’ll meet for a “Post-game” session to present research and to process our experiences. We will gather for a roundtable discussion to identify what resonated and what was challenging in the work.

We’ll then circle back to some of our original questions generated by the team for inquiry against this performance.

Lastly, we will respond to the work in the form of a solo / a docu-vlog using the themes that echoed throughout the piece.

Stories of collapse, stories of water, stories of renewal. 


PS/ Go Team!


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