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Process and project support for curious minds of all levels of experience and expression.

Working with Darla for this year, has been so freeing creatively, instructive mentally and essential physically. The integration of my physical, mental, and creative selves into one creative being – and discovering the texture and possibilities within this being makes me a more authentic, centered, and confident artist. I was in the studio painting last week in an absolutely different headspace. no critic. I was choosing what I liked. It was revolutionary and curious and kind. It is slower than I used to work and it’s good. So good.

Jenny Stanjeski / Painter and Salonniere

Scenic Charge Artist @ The Julliard School, Instructor @ Cobolt Studios Backdrops

Meet Your Trusted Collaborator.

Your Voice. Your Growth.
Your Unique Expression.

Expansion creates its own momentum.

As an award winning Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator for three decades, I’m bringing my full arsenal of experience to guide and partner with you to flourish, deepen and explore your work. 

We’ll dive in to discover new frameworks and pathways that expand your ideas and your process.

This also extends to you and how you maintain and sustain yourself as a creative human in all realms. You are not a compartmentalized being.

All forms of work are body based, you are the root and the generator. Somatic practices may also be integrated to regulate, sharpen and encourage the flow.

What Pilots An Idea – How Do You Get At It, Wrangle it, Illuminate it?

~ You want to revive your creative heart beat.

~ Your interests are broad and you want to find focus.

~ You’re ready to tell your story but not sure where to start.

~ You crave feedback, a conversation space.

~ You’re interested with the translation of ideas to a new medium and need guidance.

I Will Meet You Where You are.

Our work together is designed to support constructive and rigorous encounters for you to:

  • find a pathway into your own work
  • see and create differently, immediately
  • identify, analyze and express structure and meaning in multiple forms
  • create original devised work
  • read, interpret and jockey ideas across platforms
  • connect and filter your work through a variety of mediums, ideas and practices.
  • acquire increased flexibility and dexterity for encountering, interpreting and developing ideas
  • engage in the arts to increase listening skills and comprehension through structured and dynamic experience.

The Right Conversation Can Change Everything.

Dynamic support is on the way:
Illuminating and augmenting your creative process, project development, a thesis, a proposal, a work in progress, a brain storming session, a custom online class, or ongoing mentoring and process support.

You may be:
  • frustrated with working in isolation, you need creative interaction and support, new frameworks to generate material
  • desiring a conversation space for creative blocks or fatigue
  • in the throes of a project or process and need a critical eye, a collaborator
  • wanting to maximize your operating system – all work is body based after all – Body Work Practices may also be integrated if desired 

Let Me Take You Out For Coffee.
(my treat*)

We’ll unpack how to deepen, enliven and expand what you’re working on, perhaps even identify something new to explore. This Zoom call is open to any medium, expression or level of experience.
Schedule that here.

big takeaways

Your workshop gave me a vocabulary and a series of techniques that allowed me to flourish as a student studying devised theater, and produce much deeper work. I found the structures oddly freeing. It gave me something to push against and use to find questions to take my work to a deeper level of specificity.
Anna Grossman

Working with you literally changed how I work as a human and as an artist. The work was physically and mentally demanding, and the creative atmosphere that was instilled from day one made the environment safe for exploration, and also helped foster an environment of trust between myself and my fellow artists. Looking at creating through a different lens was so helpful, and it taught me to never limit myself when I am creating my own work.
Rachel Collins

The best way to describe you would be to say that you are an amalgamator. Environmental detail, social nuance, cultural reference, and political relevance are all facets that you gather and interpret, to the world in a succinct and poignant way. Your acumen is clear in any task you perform. I notice your ability to allow for tangential thought to supplement the work without ever losing sight of the larger goal.  Your interactions with people are always sharp and engaged as well as being considerate and open. I would be remiss if I did not comment on how much I appreciate your sense of humor.

Rhett Dial

Working with you was one of the biggest growing experiences for me as an actor and a mover. When being asked to complete a task, we were given a very specific set of guidelines, this helped immensely with disposing of the idea of “getting it right.” It left more room for creativity and exploration. After the workshop, I found myself asking more questions during the rehearsal process, working for the story/the process, rather than working for a result, a product. Compromise comes easier to me when collaborating on a project. I am not afraid of stillness, learning to be equally present in both hyperactive movement, and simple or slow movements.

Dinah Berkely


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