Interdisciplinary practice.

Notes from my semester residency at Butler University, Jordan College of the Arts:

Students consider what content or questions generated from a previous investigation within the seminar to use as subtext for the allotted zones within this movement phrase.


Working on “Phrase A” in class today – articulating the location, the toggle between real time and narrative time.


The zones within the work allow space for cross application of ideas as well as a personal rendering of the material. Encountering and articulating space and time in this way re-introduces them as an actual medium.

For most students here, integrating their own experiences as a material within pre-existing creative conditions and investigations is a first. Moving into the role of author, researcher and inventor is powerful. 


Building work.


Phrase A establishes some of the major movement vocabulary that will inform the evening length work we are builiding, “Portal 1812”.

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