Engaging in The Arts / Event #2 Butler NYC

Dance Logic. Bach Logic.


In collaboration.

Next New World — Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos at The Park Avenue Armory.

For our second event of the semester, we will search to identify what is resonant, challenging and inspiring — Deepen our listening and attention with this multi-voiced work — What poetics rise to the top? — What is this vortex all about?.


Before the team heads off into the field I conduct an hour lecture or “Pre-game” orientation on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Bach also including cultural and historical contexts of The Armory and it’s curators. Instructions are also given to frame how students encounter and interact with the work.


We’ll meet for a “Post-game” session to present research and to process our experiences.We will gather for a roundtable discussion to identify what resonated and what was challenging for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s “Six Brandenburg Concertos.” We’ll then circle back to some of our original questions generated by the team for inquiry against this performance. Lastly, we will respond to the work more intuitively creating original or curating images, moving or still that captured aspects of the work that impacted us most.

PS/ Go Team!


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